Friday, October 9, 2009

African Warrior

This is an older illustration already (about 4 months) but I feel it's worth including in this little prologue I've got setup.

Pre-Blog catch-up

This is my first post, and I would like to take a moment for thanking you, whoever you are, for sharing with me some of your time.

Here is a collection of snippits.
I set out making them usually with lofty ideas, but end up concluding/resolving them early. So they're more like incomplete animations/experiments. Thus I say: "snippits" They do however display a collection of ideas and skills that make a good record or context for what may come now that this blog is officially starting off.

Underwater project
I combine some tweening tricks along with some looping animated video clips for most of the back ground and props. I rotoscoped some footage that I took of myself, but stylized and simplified myself into a monotone character. The music is by the band Ratatat.

Raft scene
This is more like a moving illustration than an animation. I had created the music with inspirations from games like final fantasy and the legend of zelda. The perspective is that of a classic side scroller (i.e. Super Mario). The only actual keyframe animation in here is the seagulls in the sky. Otherwise everything is a looping video symbol.

In this animation short I am trying to continue the use of symbols, but to break the clean graphic restraints of the last piece, I gave every symbol a slight vibration and flicker of tone and color. It's how I tried to marry the background with the subject. I rotoscoped myself for this one, in more of a gesture-like fashion.

Flaming Sky
The music is by Tan Dun. It was an experiment with combining pixel based png files exported from photoshop as well as the general vector interface of flash. 

Glow (under possible revision and completion) 
This is my next step with combining photoshoped symbols with my old tweening tricks and a light level of keyframe animation. A noteworthy quality is the fact that I can easily return to photoshop and re-draw any symbol. By simply importing re-drawn symbols they will automatically take the places of their original counterparts, so that I wouldn't actually have to alter anything in flash.

Knight experiment
In this piece I make use of imported photoshoped images, keyframe animation/rotoscoping, and video symbols. As well as general atmosphere and noise. This time I began by quickly throwing down some abstract watercolor and using that as a texture/basis for my piece. I broke some of my own conventions here and have made something that felt like playing in the mud a little bit. Somehow before this, I had arbitrarily put some sort of restraint or rule system on how uptight I should be with mixing different elements and techniques. So in that sense this is kind of a breakthrough. The video is just the clip four times, with varying effects that kind of get lost at this resolution. They are just for the sake of extending the video and seeing some experimental ideas as well as hearing more Led Zeppelin.